PMP Extended Membership

PMP Extended Membership

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To Extend Membership:

1. Click "Add to Cart"
2. Click "Sign & Checkout" to complete the required waiver. 
3. Click "Sign PDF" - complete waiver form and sign name is box provided (use mouse on laptop/pc or use finger on phone) - click "Submit" when done. 
4. Click "Checkout"
5. Decide which payment method to use (PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card or Paper Check). PayPal and Venmo requires sign in. 
6. After the payment method has been completed, the billing address information section must be completed to click "Complete Order" (even if paying by check).  

Important Rules below (See Rules page for a complete list)

  • ALL PMP pool rules must be followed at all times. 
  • Guests are not allowed.
  • Extended Membership hours:
    • Extended Membership Pool Operating Hours:
      Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm; Sunday 1pm – 8pm 
    • Early Lap Swim Only Program: Monday – Saturday 6am – 10am.  For early swim program access, members must have completed a separate lap swim waiver, be 18 years or older and must be accompanied by another adult PMP member (18 years or older). The lap pool is the only pool available for use during this time.
  • An emergency landline phone is located outside the guardroom for emergency use.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) responsible for their safety and behavior while at PMP. Members that bring other members’ children are also responsible for their safety.
  • Members may only enter/exit PMP using their key fobs and must exit the pool by 8pm. Key fobs are programmed to work during the pool hours and stop working at 8:05pm.
  • To exit the pool, members need to swipe the key fob over the gate sensor located outside the fence (same one used to enter the pool). For safety reasons, the push to exit button is turned off.
  • Members are responsible for making sure the pool gate fully closes and locks behind them.
  • EHS Swim Team has priority over the lap pool and their practice schedule is posted on our website events calendar.
  • The lap pool is off limits for anyone not swimming laps. No hanging on lane ropes. 
  • Please remind household members to behave and take care of our pool and facility. There are several security cameras placed throughout the facility.
  • Trash- we would greatly appreciate members helping keep our facility clean by emptying trash bags and adding new trash bags as needed. New trash bags will be kept behind the lifeguard desk.
  • NO Glass, tobacco products, vaping or alcoholic beverages are allowed on PMP premises.
  • The light post beside the pool entrance gate automatically comes on at dusk.
  • Bathrooms remain unlocked but we ask members to keep bathroom doors closed.
  • For an effective and efficient way to communicate during extended membership, we will continue to use the APP, BAND. Members can use this app to share concerns while at PMP or if supplies run low (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels…). 
    Click the link to join our group, "The PMP Community Park." You can download the app on your phone or you can access it via the website.
  • The extended membership will be revoked without a refund the first-time rules are not followed.