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PMP Community Park is the community park for Pelham Estates, Merrifield Park, and Pilgrims Point, as well as Stratton Place. Other from surrounding communities are invited to join as well. The pool is located at 205 Pilgrims Point Road, Greenville, just off Hudson Road on Greenville’s Eastside.

The membership for PMP Community Park Incorporated is a non-profit stock ownership club for homeowners of Pelham Estates, Merrifield Park, Pilgrims Point, and Stratton Place or within a limited distance of the community park which is determined by the by-laws. Stock Members enjoy full use of the pools, as well as having voting rights. Stock members also receive benefits like free guest passes, and they own a portion of the PMP Community Park, LLC. 

Residents who live outside of Pilgrims Point, Merrifield Park, Pelham Estates, and Stratton Place may join as Associate Members. Associate Membership is a great way to belong to our fantastic community pool at a reasonable price.

After April 30th, rates outlined below increase by $50 for both Stock and Associate Members. Online registration pricing includes 3% processing fees.

3 Membership Types & Prices:

 New Stock Member* pays both $450 Stock Fee and annual dues for 3 consecutive years, then will pay the Existing Stock Membership dues each subsequent year. To maintain stock membership, Stock Members must renew each year. Below is the 3 year payment breakdown: 

     - Year 1 $600 ($400 annual dues + $150 Stock Fee + $50 Late Registration). Will pay $550 for Years 2023 & 2024.
     - Year 2 $490 ($400 annual dues + $40 Stock Fee + $50 Late Registration). This group paid $370 towards Stock Fee in 1st Year.
     - Year 3 $490 ($400 annual dues + $40 Stock Fee + $50 Late Registration). This group paid $370 towards Stock Fee in 1st Year.

Years 2 & 3 are different because New Stock members paid $370 in 1st Year towards Stock Fee and price increase in 2022. All New Stock Members must pay $450 Stock Fee to become a Stock Member. 

 Existing Stock Member annual dues are $450 ($400 annual dues + $50 Late Registration)

 Associate Member (residents outside of the four PMP neighborhoods) annual dues are $500 ($450 annual dues + $50 Late Registration)

Membership Application

Registration can be done online (click here) or on paper (click here), where you can download, print and mail your completed form to address listed on the registration form. 

Members can pay online (includes an additional 3% processing fee) using the links below or by mailing a check to the address listed on the registration form. Membership is not locked in until payment is received. 

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